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About WIDC

The  Women  Inspiration Development Center was formed in 2008  by Busayo Obisakin along with a group of women friends and colleagues that initially called themselves vigilantes against Violence, who set out to curb the violence against women and girls through a variety of services and activities they offered throughout the local community. After a short while, it became clear that the name needed to change to reflect the widening scope of the work done by the group to help protect and improve the lives of women in the community.

   The group officially became registered as an organization, Women Inspiration Development Center, in 2010.

Meet The CEO

BUSAYO OBISAKIN (busobisaki@yahoo.com)  is the founder and CEO of Women Inspiration Development Center, an NGO that works with women and girls an initiative designed to create a safe place for Nigerian women and girls in challenging life circumstances to envision and create new possibilities for their lives, families, and communities. Busayo is a World Pulse Voices of our Future Correspondent and 2009 Award Recipient http://worldpulse.com/user/1463 She is also an ambassador of World Pulse in Nigeria. Busayo is a part of an international initiative “Delivery Agency – A game changer for Women’s Empowerment” called IMAGINE. She is the program manager of this initiative in Nigeria and 2016 Award Recipient. www.imagineprogram.net She is a counseling psychologist at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Her career experience has strengthened her capacity to advance women and girls empowerment and also to give counseling to women and girls in challenging situations. In the last 7 years, she has empowered about 1,800 women in Nigeria. She has worked extensively in gender areas including Gender-Based Violence, Women’s Political Participation, Women Rights Advancement, Digital Literacy & Empowerment, and many other areas. She is so passionate about gender equality.

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